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WHS Hotline: 0800 321600
To ensure pesticides do not cause problems for wildlife, livestock or pets, Defra monitors suspected pesticide poisoning incidents through its Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS).

Where pesticides are detected, accidental or illegal use are often the cause. Most common incidents involve: deliberate poisoning of pets and predators; rodenticide residues in owls and raptors; and poor storage or use of slug pellets.

The campaign against accidental or illegal poisoning, funded by Defra via the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD) aims to reduce such incidents.

Campaign objectives:
  • prevention of accidental or illegal pesticide poisoning of animals and wildlife;
  • education to ensure legal control measures, especially those involving pesticides, are understood;
  • detection of any poisoning, involving pesticides, of wildlife, livestock or pets.Detection is supported by the WIIS. 

    This website will provide best practice advice on using pesticides and pest control measures.

    Reporting wildlife incidents and pesticide misuse - WIIS Hotline 0800 321600

    If you find an animal – wild or domestic – that you suspect has been poisoned by a pesticide, or find evidence of pesticide abuse that threatens pets or wildlife, contact the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme:

    Look out for:

    Dead animals cut open and staked out - these may be laced with poison
    Several dead birds or animals close together
    Creatures which appear to have died suddenly for no obvious reason
    Eggs in unusual places, possibly with an ink mark.
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